Faucets and Fixtures

Installing plumbing fixtures can be easy or sometimes it can be a little challenging. Installing the new kitchen faucet is probably the easiest faucet to install as well as the bathroom faucets. Plumbing problems are our strong suit. Whether it is a leaking faucet or a busted sewer line, we can fix it. Call today!  Here are the few tips to fix fixtures.
Place the new drain in position and line up the pipes and the faucet underneath the sink. Place the spray hose through the hole for it and attach to the faucet. There should be a clamp to tighten with a screwdriver.
Reattach the hot and cold water pipes with a wrench. It might be necessary to use some plumbers tape to secure the seals. Then attach the drain to the faucet and tighten using the plumbers tape if a leak appears.
Test the faucet and drain for any leaks. Tighten where necessary being careful not to over tighten and strip the threads.